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Simplified, streamlined,
cloud-based accounting


Lots of people sell
accounting services.
We sell peace of mind.

Simplified, streamlined,
cloud-based accounting

Lots of people sell
accounting services.
We sell peace of mind.

Trust Worthy

We understand ethics, discretion and integrity


We have 100+ clients after 7+ years in business


We offer software integrations by our qualified staff


The accounting world has been revolutionised by the Internet and we sit at the forefront of driving Cloud-based Accounting solutions around the world.

Doing accounting in the cloud allows for a partnership between business owner and accountant – real time and online. We like to think of ourselves as accounting coaches and not bookkeepers.

And accounting done well keeps the taxman happy – but it also helps you run your business well. We can create better, faster, easier and more effective ways to manage the accounting side of your business.

Get the most out of Xero with our free one-on-one sessions, where we show you exactly how to use and manage Xero.  We want you to reap all the benefits by showing you exactly how Xero is meant to be used.

DEAR is a comprehensive cloud based inventory management application designed to help small businesses get better visibility of orders and inventory across all sales channels and locations..


Accounting & Taxation – on time

Our Xero Gold Partnership allows us to use Xero in partnership with your business to manage invoicing and accounts payable in real time. Xero is efficient and user-friendly.

Payroll & Point of sale – Compliant

We make keeping track of payroll, deductions, staff loans and leave days easy and organised.

Business Registrations – Ready to Go!

We want your business registration process to be seamless and straight-forward. Let us handle the administrative headache of starting a business or formalising an existing one.

Customer Relationship Manager- Informative

Tell your money where to go, rather than wonder where it went. We’ll help you plan and budget so that there are no surprises at the end of the month.

Additional Cloud-based Solutions – Comprehensive

Inventory management; Project & Job Management; PayRoll Administration; Receipt Organisation; Point of Sale; Business Forecasting

Inventory management – Simplified

Inventory management with Cloudworx and Dear Systems software is comprehensive and offers businesses complete back-end management and better visibility of orders and inventory.


“We have worked with Cloudworx since their inception many years ago since. Since then we have watched Gareth and his team take the company to new heights, while managing not only to maintain, but improve on relations with all clients. No project is ever too big or too small for their personal attention. Our company would cease to have existed in it current form without their influence.”

Nick Dekker

Carbon Events

“Cloudworx has been an amazing partner over the years. They have always been willing to help and they have taken care of our accounting and tax obligations so that we can focus on our core work.”

Grant Edmnd

“We have been clients of Cloudworx since April 2015 and have never looked back. They have helped sort out our gym business accounting troubles and have set us on an efficient path going forward. We will always be grateful for their service and support.”

Sean Lucas

Optimum Lifestyle

“Working with Cloudworx has been a joy. As a start-up founder busy doing numerous urgent things in our business, having Bryan, Gareth, and the team handle our finance and compliance has saved us a great deal of time and headaches. The level of professionalism and care for our business has been unrivaled and I recommend them highly. As a founder, they help you mitigate the risks you would encounter later on as a scale-up and have advised us on several things that have changed the trajectory of our business.”

Velani Mboweni

“I am really massively thankful that I chose you guys as our partners in business – I have never had a day of regret and you have made our business a lot better and simpler for us”

Mike Massingham


”Here at Studio Bolland we pride ourselves in creativity, but like most creatives, we’re not particularly good when it comes to numbers! Thankfully we use Cloudworx so that we don’t have to be. They guide us through keeping our accounts healthy, and their easy cloud-based systems make sending quotes and invoices a walk in the park. They’re always quick to help and have suggested routes that have ended up saving us money. They’re our go-to for most financial questions, and we’re super grateful to have them looking after our accounts. Here’s to many more years of you keeping us in SARS’ good books!”

Simon van Wyk

Studio Bolland


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