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In the competitive business landscape, efficient accounting administration is key to staying ahead. At Cloudworx Accounting Solutions, we leverage cutting-edge accounting apps to streamline our clients’ tasks, boost productivity, and drive growth. In this article, we’ll explore how platforms like Xero, Dext, Chaser, Dear Systems, Karbonpay, Float, and Fathom help optimize accounting processes for maximum efficiency.


Xero: Transforming Financial Management

Xero revolutionizes financial management with features like automated bank feeds, invoicing, and real-time reporting. With Xero, we are able to track expenses, reconcile accounts, and make strategic decisions efficiently with and for our clients.


Dext (formerly Receipt Bank): Simplifying Receipt Management

Dext automates data extraction from receipts, invoices, and bills, eliminating manual entry and reducing errors. After integrating Dext with Xero, we can ensure that we can provide accurate financial records, save valuable time, and improve efficiency for our clients. 


Chaser: Streamlining Accounts Receivable

With Chaser we can automate our clients’ accounts receivable with customizable reminders and personalized communications, accelerating invoice payments. Integrating Chaser with Xero, our clients’ collections processes are enhanced for healthier cash flow.


Dear Systems (Now Cin7 Core): Optimizing Inventory Management

Dear Systems streamlines inventory control, purchasing, and sales processes, and after we integrate it seamlessly with Xero, we can provide our clients with accurate financial reporting and stock management.


Karbonpay: Simplifying Payroll Management

Karbonpay simplifies payroll processing and compliance, automating calculations and tax filings. That’s why we integrate Karbonpay with Xero, as it ensures payroll accuracy and regulatory compliance.


Float: Enhancing Cash Flow Forecasting

With Float, we provide our clients with real-time cash flow insights, and integrate with Xero for accurate forecasts and informed financial decisions, reducing risks and maximizing opportunities.


Fathom: Driving Financial Analysis and Reporting

Fathom offers powerful financial analysis and reporting tools, through which we can consolidate data from Xero to generate customizable reports and KPIs for deeper insights and informed decision-making.



By leveraging advanced accounting software such as Xero, Dext, Chaser, Dear Systems, Karbonpay, Float, and Fathom, cloud accounting firms, like us empower clients to streamline accounting admin, boost productivity, and achieve business success. Partner with us to unlock the full potential of these tools and optimize your accounting processes for maximum efficiency and growth.